What is Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

American professional BMX rider and youtuber Scotty Cranmer net worth has an estimated of $2 million. His vast following on YouTube, about 5 million subscribers, is one of his claims to fame as well as his expertise in riding a BMX bike. He has been the winner of several BMX contests including X Games and Dew Tour. Besides, there are several films and video games with Scotty’s appearance.

Cranmer’s income stems from a variety of sources such as his YouTube channel, sponsorships, and merchandise sales. He remains one of the most popular BMX riders worldwide who have managed to transmute their popularity into a thriving career.

Sources of Scotty Cranmer Net Worth

Scooty is an estimated net worth 2 million dollars, who had an excellent youtube star and well BMX rider. He makes a fortune by riding bikes but at a very young age he starts up a Youtube channel which earns him money through it. Similarly, he makes channel his name, Scooty Crammer.

He was a prominent YouTuber and BMX rider, who had wins a lot of medals and titles from his career life. Now, Scooty won almost nine medals in the X games BMX Park competitions and earn money.

In addition, he receives medals in gold, silver, and bronze. Because his buddies ride skateboards, play video games, ride bikes, and drive cars, he records his friends riding and posts them on YouTube. For this reason, Scotty Cranmer net worth to be $2 million.


This earnings information is accurate until December 25 and should be revised when there are updates to the channel data. Keep in mind that the channel might generate extra income through sponsored content and product sales, which are not included in these specific figures.

Biography of Scotty Cranmer

Scooty Crammer was born in Jackson Township, New Jersey (United States) on January 11, 1987 who was very happy to be born in this state because in-state he became a perfect man.
With many opportunities and chances available in the country, he turned out to be an excellent BMX rider.

His parents knew that at one point he would end up as a great rider because from an early age, he showed interest in riding. He opt for this path to become the richest person. He went through a lot of hardships while doing real works.

The father name is Scott while mother name Donna. They have no kids but survives life easily. Currently Ken Block, Carey Hart facing many issues in his career but they create international racer. They very close together and spends time together.

Scooty was a younger brother who created youtube channel when young. His brother’s name is Matty, who followed Scooty riding steps and became a famous pro BMX rider. Similarly, they are making money through youtube and riding.


He went to the Jackson Memorial high school located in Jackson Township where he passed. However, during his school years there were no academic interests since his aim was becoming a good BMX rider. He pursued a bachelor’s degree at a local community college after graduation from high school, where he had valuable experience and skills that would shape the future.

Scotty Wife

His wife’s name was Lisa; she had very supportive of every work. Similarly, lisa support works and spend a lot of time.

He has four cars including one Audi A8 because he likes vehicles and driving cars with friends. His situated skate ramp inside now. He wins the medals from BMX riding also won four AST Dew Tours titles; who had a famous BMX pro rider. Scooty joins a lot of tournaments and won gold medals but recently hr recovering from a bike accident.

He drives his bike very deliberately, gets hurt, and visits the hospital. The hospital is always well-managed by his wife.

NameScotty Cranmer
Real NameVictor Joseph Mignogna
Date of BirthJanuary 11, 1987
Birth PlaceJackson Township, NJ
Age36 Years Old
ProfessionAmerican BMX rider, YouTuber
Height1.77 m
Marriage StatusMarriage
SiblingsMatty Cranmer
Net WorthAround $2 million

Career of Scotty Cranmer

He observes the famous rider stunts and then decides to make a BMX rider and a famous rider whose name is Mat Hoffman. Now, Scooty starts the first amateur in BMX in 2005 which marks the beginning of his career life. While winning the race as an amateur, he later emerged as the best pro-rider in 2005 having won many championships.

In his career life, he earns a nickname The Bulldozer and also won nine medals from X games. They were three silver and three bronze medals. In addition, three gold medals since he was a great and famous BMX rider. There are also 20 richest sports car drivers who made most of their money from racing championships.

He signed tons of contracts with companies and also with other sponsors like one of most famous sponsors that have ever been there such as sponsoring a Hyper bike, Vans, Monster Drinks, Snafu bikes.

Pro-tec helmets are advertised by Scotty for this reason when people ride bikes which is very dangerous they cover their heads with protective helmets. I made SC Action Sports Bicycle Shop and he is thinking about career life in future as I know clearly Scotty.

At present, he is now a youtube user and his title name is Scotty Crammer. They are also famous international athletes like Jordan Rodgers and Chase Elliot who have earned lots of money in their careers respectively.

He made the most famous bike rider in the world by 2015. He filmed himself and friends riding bikes or at skateparks, then they uploaded them to his youtube channel to make money. His youtube subscribers nearly reached a million.


Scotty Cranmer –an accomplished American BMX rider and a YouTube personality has established a huge fortune of $2 million by multifaceted career. This has been propelled by his triumph on various contests such as X Games and Dew Tour in addition to his expertise in BMX riding coupled with 5M subscribers on YouTube.

Moreover, Cranmer does not only depend on his BMX victories since he also uses his YouTube channel to generate income alongside sponsorships and merchandise sales. He was born on January 11, 1987, in Jackson Township, New Jersey where his passion for bike riding began at an early age. Despite going through hardships and taking a non-traditional route through education, he did what he loved by becoming one of the best bmx riders.

His close knit family—his supportive wife Lisa and brother Matty who is passionate about BMXing have contributed significantly to his success. With him earning the nickname “The Bulldozer” and amassing numerous X Games medals over the course of his career, it is clear how hardworking Cranmer is.

In spite of getting injured during a bike accident recently, Cranmer’s unyielding spirit and unwavering dedication towards what he does will continue influencing him positively throughout his prosperous career life. Worth mentioning is that Cranmer’s net worth amounts to $2 million which shows that it is possible to earn a living from doing what one loves; a story that would remain in the hearts of many people in both BMX and YouTube communities.

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