What is Joe Mimran Net Worth in 2024

That is why they call him “Joe Mimran no socks” when he is in Dragons Den with shoes but without socks. Joe Mimran net worth estimates range from £150 million to $2 billion USD. For a 71-year-old man, this is a fashionable thing to do. With his trade-mark glasses look, Mimran appears as a well-dressed businessman. He tells Oliver Goldsmith to make him the glasses and says: I just can’t live (or see) without them.

Club Monaco and Joe Fresh were co-founded by him both of which are famous clothing brands that have been sold at substantial amounts. Ralph Lauren’s acquisition of Club Monaco alone was valued at over $400 million.

He is also engaged in other business ventures, such as investing in Kit and Ace (a technical apparel company) and Quadro (a Toronto pizza restaurant). On the Canadian TV show Dragons’ Den, he was a popular investor renowned for his business acumen and sharp wit.

Joe Mimran net worth and Sources

Brand Sales and Acquisitions:

Club Monaco: After it was founded by Mimran in 1985, Ralph Lauren bought Club Monaco for more than $400 million in 1999. This significantly contributed to his wealth because he had significant holdings there.

Joe Fresh: Loblaw Companies’ economical clothing line Joe Fresh started back in 2002. Because of Mimran’s involvement and subsequent exit from the company, he likely made some substantial sums of money.

Investment Ventures:

Kit and Ace: By investing in this technical apparel firm, Mimran would possibly stand to gain if it succeeds.

Quadro: He may have also included this Toronto pizza restaurant among his financial interests.

Other Investments: There may be other investments that he has made into multiple companies or projects, but not much information is available regarding them.

Real Estate:

He owns several properties in Canada and the USA including a luxurious mansion in Toronto. Though their values are not public information, these assets contribute to his overall wealth.

Media Appearances and Endorsements:

Dragons’ Den: His role on the show as an investor earned him salary plus potential additional income from brand partnerships and increased public profile.

Other Media: Other TV appearances, interviews, or brand endorsements could be partially responsible for increasing his net worth but not to a large extent. While details remain unclear, potential inheritance or family wealth may also be significant factors in his financial situation overall.

Sources for these estimates:

Money.ca: It estimates his net worth at $2 billion

TheSubiShop on Pinterest: The same source puts it at £150 million net worth

News articles and interviews with Mimran Public information about his businesses and investments

Biography of Joe Mimran

Early Life and Education:

Joseph Mimran was born in Casablanca, Morocco on December 2nd, 1952. As a child, he immigrated with his family to Canada.

In addition to the above named subjects of interest which he developed at the age of 18 when he opened an art gallery while he was doing a BA in sociology and fine art at York University.

It cannot be denied that Mimran values education as he went further and obtained his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Windsor besides becoming chartered accountant

Family and Relationships:

Mimran has been married twice before. His first marriage was to Sharon Mimran before they divorced. In 2000, He married Kimberley Newport-Mimram, whom they have four children with; Jacqueline, Alexander, Mercedes Hope and Kaylee Rose.

Family seems to be an important aspect of Mimran’s life. The businessman has also mentioned that spending time with his kids is important and has even involved his wife in some of his business ventures.

They have a daughter together named Jacqueline who is with Joe Mimram and Kimbery Newport-Mimram. Moreover, Joe Mimran also has three other children from his first wife Sharon Mimran who is an interior designer. One of them is Alexander Mimran who is currently reigning in the world as a young entrepreneur following in his father’s footsteps but not fashion industry.

NameJoe Mimran
Full NameJoseph Mimran
ProfessionFashion Designer
BirthdayDecember 2
Birth Year2 Dec, 1952
Place of BirthCasablanca, Grand Casablanca, Morocco
Marriage StatusMarriage
Birth SignSagittarius
Net Worth£150 million to $2 billion


Joe Mimran is married to his wife Kimberley Newport-Mimran, and the couple leaves in Toronto. The two got married in 2001 and they are also a designing pair. In an interview with Hello magazine, he says that “Kim and I usually agree on everything” when it comes to design.

Furthermore, Joe and Kim Mimran also have a house at Upper East Side Manhattan in New York. Many of Joe Mimran’s art pieces decorate the walls of their New York maisonette. These include works by Hannah van Bart, Thomas Zipp and Larry Poons among others. There is also a sculpture made by Volker Huller.

He (Joe Mimran) owns a Palm Beach house as well.Equipped with a pool, their 3,483 square-foot modern home in Palm Beach is unlike any other. He purchased this beachfront property along with his wife Kim for £1.6 million (USD $2.14 million; CAD $2.65 million) in 2011. She calls herself a foodie, who loves to cook at home that Joe loves so much.

Professional Life

1980: Co-founder of high-end sportswear brand Alfred Sung, which became increasingly popular and established Mimran’s reputation for trend-setting designs.

1985: Launch of Club Monaco, a contemporary apparel line known for its sophisticated yet casual aesthetic. The brand achieved great success and was eventually acquired by Ralph Lauren in 1999 for over $400 million.

Revolutionizing Retail (2002-2015):

2002: Launched Joe Fresh, an innovative and affordable clothing line for Loblaw Companies. Joe Fresh has disrupted the retail landscape by offering stylish, high-quality clothing at affordable prices, making it a Canadian favourite.

2006: Became a “Dragon” on the Canadian reality show “Dragon’s Den” to showcase his business acumen and consulting skills to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Beyond fashion:

Activist Investor: Backed successful ventures like Kit & Ace (technical apparel) and Quadro (Toronto pizza restaurant), demonstrating his keen eye for promising businesses.

Philanthropy: Supports various causes and organizations, including the Mimran Foundation, which focuses on education and health care initiatives.

Recent Efforts:

2017: Launch of The Goodwolf, a brand focused on sustainable and ethically made clothing.

2022: His memoir, Unfiltered: From Refugee to Retail Tycoon, is published, which takes an in-depth look at his life and career.

Joe Mimran’s career is a testament to his creativity, business acumen and unwavering passion. He remains an influential figure in the fashion and retail industries, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs and leaving a lasting mark on the Canadian business landscape.


Joe Mimran, the esteemed fashion designer, has amassed a noteworthy net worth estimated between £150 million to $2 billion in 2024. Known for his distinctive style, Mimran’s journey in the fashion industry has been marked by the co-founding of iconic brands like Club Monaco and Joe Fresh, both of which witnessed significant financial success through brand sales and acquisitions.

His role on the Canadian TV show Dragons’ Den further showcased his business acumen. Mimran’s diversified investments, including ventures like Kit and Ace and Quadro, contribute to his financial portfolio. Beyond business, he values education, holding a Bachelor of Commerce degree, and family, having been married twice and actively involving his wife and children in his ventures.

His lifestyle reflects a taste for art, evident in his residences in Toronto and Palm Beach. Joe Mimran’s influential career continues with recent endeavors like The Goodwolf and the publication of his memoir, “Unfiltered: From Refugee to Retail Tycoon,” solidifying his enduring impact on the fashion and retail industries.

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