Levi Morgan Net Worth in 2024

In the United States, Levi Morgan is a well-known archer and shooter. He is popular on social media and has gained fame through his TV show “Bow Life TV.” As of 2024, Levi Morgan net worth approximately $10 million. Although not a big deal on television stations, Levi Morgan has carved himself out as an internationally recognized hunter through many programs he engaged in.

Bowhunting is an integral part of every autumn season for viewers of MyOutdoorTV. Viewers have been attracted by Levi Morgan’s various amazing moments. The individual has presented some outstanding bowhuntings skills. Levi Morgan, the American bowhunting YouTuber, has made a name for himself in this field.

Morgan’s channel displays remarkable talents possessed by bowhunters across borders. From rich Northwestern forests to Midwest sun soaked prairies, he leads his audience through breathtaking hunts across different terrains.

Sources of Levi Morgan Net Worth

Levi Morgan has been named shooter of the year by the Archery Shooters Association (ASA) 13 times. He is a good candidate for 64 national-level matches. Moreover, Morgan has been awarded as the world champion 14 times. Scroll below this article to find out more about his life and career. It is said that Levi Morgan net worth of about $10 million.

From Youtube Earnings

On YouTube, creators from US, UK, Canada and Australia get paid between $2 and $12 per 1000 monetized views after YouTube takes its cut. Additionally, advertisers on Google Preferred have the ability to only place ads on top 5% most popular content channels. The YouTubers also make money from YouTube Red viewers who pay a monthly fee to watch premium content on it as well as no ads.

Marketing products; brand endorsements

Income from being a YouTuber does not come from one source alone. A YouTuber who makes good money sells their own merchandise or accepts sponsors either directly or through their agencies, making more money using Affiliate commissions too. He makes around $15K per month from sponsorships and brand endorsements.

Income updates from a bowhunting professional indicate that Levi Morgan’s salaries are around 40 thousand dollars per month. Nonetheless, his annual earnings amount to around $480,000.

Levi Morgan Biography

He was in June 26, 1981 Rosman town in North Carolina, USA. At a very young age, Levi Morgan got exposed to archery. The father was a great hunter and taught him shooting and archery. They used to spend time outside together which he would go on to join local club shoot at the age of five and win numerous medals in several categories.


His father, Zack Morgan, was a major influence in his journey towards bowhunting. Information about his mother is not publicly available. His father noticed his talent at six and took him to his first world. He subsequently continued progressing his archery skills through training sessions as he got older and older; thus becoming increasingly engaged in sports games.

Many of them won their competitions in International Bowhunting Organization (IBC) and Archery Shooter’s Association(ASA) articipating when he was just a child. He tried other activities like baseball and basketball while in high school but did not get satisfaction from them like what he felt for archery and bowhunting.

Morgan and his Wife

Levi Morgan’s wife is also an archer and interior designer by profession. His spouse is called Samantha Jo Morgan. Levi Morgan has a beautiful family composed of his wife, two sons, Landon and Jaxon, and one daughter called Allie Rain.

NameMatthew Levi Morgan
Birth DateJune 26, 1981
Age42 years old
Birth PlaceRosman, North Carolina, USA
ProfessionArcher, shooter, TV personality, Hunter, Vlogger
Marriage StatusMarriage
Wife NameSamantha Jo. Morgan
Levi Morgan Net WorthAround $10 million

Career of Levi Morgan

When he was six years old, Levi Morgan started participating in archery competitions. He was born and raised in Rosman North Carolina. At 18 when he signed with Mathews, it did not take long for Levi Morgan to rise through the ranks until he became one of the most accomplished archers ever.

Levi Morgan Net Worth in 2024 - Etearesults

Levi Morgan has been acting as though being a bowhunter is like living a life that never ends; he is a wealthy Outdoor Sportsman Group personality, notable bowhunting YouTuber as well as a frequent MOTV visitor.

This explains why Bow Life TV show, which airs on Sportsman Channel, made him famous. The Bow Life TV show’s line up of hunting programs captures the dynamic adventure as well as action packed moments undertaken with Morgan’s family. He goes from coast to coast to compete and still display his skills.

Morgan’s engaging storytelling and expert commentary have made him one of the most popular bow hunting You Tubers globally. He is not only a skilled hunter but also a passionate conservationist emphasizing on ethical ways of hunting.

Additionally, renowned figure enjoys bow hunting all through North America. He has enough episodes of the TV show Bow Life to last him for many seasons. His is a life lived off the land.

Actually, Morgan has taken over the sport of archery and clinches the “bow-life” as her daily round-the-clock routine. All these years he has been showing that it looks like he is very interested in taking pictures of everything happening there.

Morgan isn’t just by far the best shooter or top-paid bowhunting YouTuber in 3D history; he knows how to win many competitions in this game.

According to findings from 2018, it appears that he won his name by claiming victory in nine contests including those considered most prestigious in archery. Besides being awarded as Male Open Pro Shooter of the Year, he became IBO National Champion for 2018 and took first place at ASA Classic 2018.

He also became the IBO National Champion during this period. Some of Morgan’s most incredible achievements in his career are that he has been crowned Male Open Pro Shooter of the Year 12 times in a row. The professional career of Morgan lasted for 13 years.


Levi Morgan’s journey from a young archery enthusiast in Rosman, North Carolina, to a globally recognized and immensely successful figure in the archery world is nothing short of inspiring. Beyond the glories of numerous championships and accolades, Morgan’s impact extends to the financial realm, boasting a noteworthy net worth of around $10 million as of 2024.

His prowess as a bowhunter is not confined to competitions; it resonates in his popular TV show “Bow Life,” captivating audiences with dynamic adventures and family moments. Beyond the statistics, Levi Morgan embodies a passionate conservationist, emphasizing ethical hunting practices and showcasing a deep love for the sport.

With his engaging storytelling and unmatched skills, Morgan has not only dominated archery competitions but has also carved a niche as a top bowhunting YouTuber, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of outdoor sports.

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