Jeremy Jr Robinson Net Worth in 2023 Reveal the All Secrets

As of 2024, Jeremy Jr. Robinson, the CEO of Rag 2 Riches Logistics and co-founder of The JR Law Group, has a Jeremy Jr Robinson net worth of about $1.5 million. His successful practice representing clients in criminal defense and personal injury cases, along with his work in the logistics sector, have contributed significantly to his riches. Robinson overcame a difficult life and a difficult past by persevering and working hard. As a result, he succeeded financially.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Jeremy Robinson, better known by his handle JR, is a dedicated and accomplished criminal defense and personal injury lawyer. In addition to being the CEO of Rags 2 Richest Logistics, he founded the JR Law Group. In addition, he became engaged to reality TV personality and singer Tamar Braxton, whom he first met on the Peacock dating show Queen’s Court.

Attorney Jeremy Jr Robinson Net Worth and Law Firm

Jeremy Robinson, a respected attorney in Atlanta, was born and raised in New Orleans. His creation of The JR Law Group, a company that handles criminal defense and personal injury cases, has brought him notoriety.

Jeremy has just recently begun practicing law, but in that short time, he has already established a solid reputation and amassed a modest net worth of approximately $1.5 million. It’s noteworthy that his legal career didn’t begin until October 2020.

Jeremy Robinson and his Family

Born in Beverly, Massachusetts on October 22, 1974, Jeremy Robinson is a sophisticated writer. He has established a solid reputation for himself as a prominent figure in the academic community at the age of 49 by showcasing his talent and inventiveness in his work. Jeremy is a US native and a Libra, signifying his balance and consistency in his storytelling.

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He has undoubtedly been inspired by the stunning beauty and deep social tradition of his native Massachusetts, where he laid his roots. As a male essayist, Jeremy’s academic achievements have had a lasting impact, captivating readers with his creative storytelling and artistic aptitude.

History of Education

After leaving the military, Jeremy decided to pursue higher education at Reddish College, where he earned his bachelor’s degree. His passion for learning and commitment to justice then led him to graduate with honors from Atlanta’s John Marshall Graduate School.

Armed with legal expertise, Jeremy went on to establish the JR Law Group, making a name for himself in the legal field, particularly in criminal defense and personal injury cases.

In addition to his legal pursuits, Jeremy Jr. Robinson entered the business world and became the President of Clothes 2 Richest Integrated Operations, showcasing not only his legal acumen but also his creative insight. His diverse talents and dedication to his work propelled him to significant heights in both legal and business spheres.


Jeremy Robinson recently made headlines in his personal life by getting engaged to singer Tamar Braxton. Their love story played out on the popular dating reality show Queen’s Court, where Robinson not only made it to the finals but also proposed to Braxton in the show’s grand finale. Fans and the media are now buzzing with excitement and curiosity, eager to know more about Robinson’s happiness and relationship status.

The public’s fascination with Jeremy Robinson and Tamar Braxton’s relationship is understandable, given their prominence in their respective fields. As Braxton’s fiancé, Robinson has been spotted supporting her in her music ventures and attending public events together. Fans are joyously celebrating their engagement and are eagerly looking forward to updates on their wedding plans and other milestones as a couple.

Despite his hectic professional life, Jeremy Robinson seems to have discovered love and companionship with Tamar Braxton. Their relationship stands as a reminder that, even in the midst of achieving professional success, personal happiness and meaningful connections play a vital role in a fulfilling life.

Jeremy Jr Robinson Annual Earnings, Monthly Income, and Salary 

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Please note: These are just estimates and may not be accurate. Jeremy Robinson’s actual earnings may vary depending on his investments, legal fees, and other factors.

Practical Journey of Jeremy Jr. Robinson

Jeremy Jr. Robinson kicked off his writing journey with his first book, “The Screenplay Workbook,” where he shared valuable insights into the world of screenwriting.

Yet, it was his venture into fiction that truly brought him into the spotlight. His big breakthrough happened with “Antarktos Rising” in 2007, a gripping science fiction thriller that firmly established his presence in the genre.

He continued to captivate readers with a series of compelling novels, such as “Kaiju Rising” in 2012, “Island 731” in 2013, and the “The Last Hunter” series. These works showcased his talent for blending suspense, horror, and exhilarating action, solidifying his position as a notable figure in the literary world.

Real Achievements

In his career, Jeremy Jr. Robinson has earned lots of praise and acknowledgment for his impact on the world of literature.

His books have not only been praised by critics but also found a special place in readers’ hearts, making them bestsellers and gaining a fanbase worldwide.

People have noticed that Jeremy Jr. Robinson’s books could make awesome movies. Some of his novels might even become films, showing just how cinematic his storytelling is.

As more and more readers get captivated by his books, the chance of seeing his stories on the big screen gets even more exciting.


In 2024, Jeremy Jr. Robinson, CEO of Rags 2 Riches Logistics and co-founder of The JR Law Group, has a net worth of around $1.5 million. His success in law, specializing in criminal defense and personal injury, and the logistics sector has fueled his financial achievements.

Overcoming challenges, Jeremy’s hard work led to his noteworthy financial success. Born in 1974 in Beverly, Massachusetts, now 49, Robinson excels not only in law but also as a skilled writer. Inspired by his Massachusetts roots, his storytelling captivates readers.

From a military veteran to a lawyer, entrepreneur, and engaged partner to Tamar Braxton, Jeremy Jr. Robinson’s journey reflects the possibilities of dedication. His literary contributions are widely acclaimed, and some may even become films, showcasing the cinematic quality of his storytelling.

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How much is Jeremy Junior Robinson worth?

As of 2024, Jeremy Jr. Robinson, the co-founder of The JR Law Group and CEO of Rag 2 Riches Logistics, has a net worth of around $1 million.

What does Jeremy Robinson do for a living?

Jeremy Jr. Robinson is involved in various professional pursuits. He is the co-founder of The JR Law Group, where he specializes in criminal defense and personal injury cases.

What is Jeremy Roloff’s net worth? He recently shared, “Tamar and I are no longer together. I decided to end the relationship to focus on bringing positive energy into my life and becoming a better person.” However, Jeremy prefers to keep the details of the breakup private, stating, “What happened and why – that’s our private space.

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