How much is TJ Hunt Net Worth in 2024

TJ Hunt is a famous YouTuber and car fanatic who is known for implementing some amazing modifications to his cars. Tj hunt net worth estimated at $4 to $5 million in 2024. and he is undoubtedly one of the rare social media influencers who is good at showing off and modifying things correctly. Let’s work.

Hunter, who set out on the journey in 2009, has had a passion for cars since childhood; However, from 2014 onwards, we started seeing their madness for cars. From design to reconstruction, he and his friend Kelvin did everything together.

Sources of Tj Hunt Net Worth

Youtube Ads Revenue

$1.5 million a year ad revenue from their YouTube videos amount based on an average of 300,000 views per video, each 1,000 views equals $1. I assumed the revenue other big YouTubers also earned in ratings for their revenue from similar videos is.

Sponsorships and Brands Earnings

$100,000 a yearly brand deals and sponsorships (Maguire’s, Toyo Tires, Roush and MVMT are among the three companies he has publicly partnered with. Note that some of this value is in the form of products rather than cash).

$150,000: Annual profit from Hunt & Company merchandise (this is a wild estimate of mine based on my personal experience with personal branding and e-commerce).

$20,000: Annual profit from his Street Hunter brand. This business is still in its initial stage and I hope it will earn more profits in the future.

Apart from his online ventures, TJ Hunt’s net worth also includes his assets. He has a car collection whose value is estimated to be at $300,000 alone apart from a home he owns in San Diego whose equity is estimated at about $700,000.

What makes TJ Hunt special is that he has diversified income streams. His brand value is strong and it is worth about $150,000. He also owns a percentage of the brand Street Hunter that is valued at approximately $30,000. Also, he has employed several people and the cost of maintaining them stands at around $400K.

Tj Hunt Bio, Age, Lifestyle

Born on 28 December 1994 in Canada, TJ Hunt is a car enthusiast. His childhood was very happy. Hunter came from a stable family and therefore received a good education. Throughout his school life he showed great interest in learning.

Famous NameTJ Hunt
Real NameThomas James Hunt
Birth DateDecember 28, 1994
Age29 years old
Birth PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
ProfessionYouTuber, content creator, automotive enthusiast
Marriage StatusSingle
Net Worth$4 to 5 million


He completed his graduation from California State University. His life was going smoothly, but his luck was bad. But what enriched his life was his right decision to start an automotive YouTube channel. He started his channel on November 26th of 2009 as he was still studying; therefore, thanks to cars he made good money. Therefore, his interest in cars brought him good fortune.

According to the latest news, he no longer lives with his family. He has his own house in California. He also never gave much information about other family members. But we can see his friends in his different videos. A group of his friends sometimes share the screen with him.

His channel is about cars, where we see him checking/testing new cars, sharing reviews, talking about various auto parts, and much more. The first video was Dye NT shooting. It got more than 37k likes. It was his first video.

But now, his popular videos are getting much more views and subscribers with time. His exploration of cars makes him one of the most influential and wealthy men. He has a great aesthetic sense and love for things. TJ Hunt house is spread on many canals with five beds and garages. He spent a large amount on the décor of his house. It is located in the beautiful hills of Escondido, California.

Marriage and Children

As of 2024, Thomas is not married yet, nor have we heard anything about the existence of his children. He is committed to Sabrina Leamon, one of those rare women who really loves the car industry. TJ being a mechanic himself, getting along with Sabrina is a blessing in disguise for him.

Career of Tj Hunt

Despite being considered a social media influencer or a car enthusiast, TJ Hunt can be referred to as. The channel has a total of 2.25 million subscribers. Do you find it impressive? His viewership is even higher. However, his position does not only refer to this one channel since he also has his Instagram account with 1.1M followers.

He also owns “Hunt and company” as his company name. There he sells t-shirts, caps, hoodies, shirts and hats. Thus, he is also into the business of selling merchandise. As such, his net worth exceeds $4 million to $5 million in total. But if we talk about a single entity, the salary of TJ Hunt is about 60k per month.

He also doesn’t stop here; instead, he established his own shop too. In the store located there are sold various car parts for cars. It can be observed that he knows very well what this sphere is about. In addition to that he acquired good reputation due to huge audience of fans following him on the internet which helps him in the running of a successful firm.

TJ Hunt net worth is estimated at $4 million to $5 million in general terms. If speaking solely about earning from YouTube channels; it would be approximately 1.5 million dollars then alone. Besides this, there’s merchandising where caps and t-shirts are sold among other stuffs Then again, after testing several cars he knew exactly specific auto parts were found on them.

As we have seen, social media influencers always have the advantage of increasing sales rates. This is because they have a larger audience to reach. Therefore, TJ Hunt is also fortunate to be a celebrity and bring happiness to people through his content on YouTube. He is also active on other social media platforms. They also earn a good amount of income from this.

Garage and Shop

TJ Hunt has a dream garage because he loves cars. His garage covers 6,000 square feet and it is very spacious for all his cars. Also, he keeps all the spare parts for his auto videos. TJ Hunt has set up his own auto parts store where many of his fans purchase the toys for their vehicles from him.

That was not enough; when a large number of people began following him online TJ created a merchandise business line of his own. It is known as “Hunt and Company” by him in the market with the TJ Hunt merch. On the whole, TJ never missed any opportunities for his fans to pay homage to him in any way. The main income sources come from TJ Hunt’s website and store as well.


TJ Hunt, the renowned YouTuber and automotive enthusiast, has built a substantial net worth estimated at $4 to $5 million in 2024. His journey began in 2009, and over the years, he has successfully monetized his passion for cars through various income streams. YouTube ads contribute significantly to his earnings, with an estimated annual revenue of $1.5 million, driven by his engaging content and a substantial viewer base.

Additionally, sponsorships and brand deals, along with merchandise sales from Hunt & Company and his Street Hunter brand, enhance his financial portfolio. TJ Hunt’s diversified income includes assets like a car collection valued at $300,000 and a home in San Diego with an estimated equity of about $700,000.

What sets him apart is his ability to maintain a strong brand value and venture into multiple business avenues, demonstrating his entrepreneurial prowess. Despite his success, TJ remains grounded, sharing his love for cars and automotive expertise with his audience, making him a prominent figure in the automotive and social media landscape.

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