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Robert Tilton is an American television personality and former pastor of Word of Faith Family Church in Farmers Branch, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. As of 2024, Robert Tilton net worth is estimated to be around $500 million.

In 1991, the program aired in all 235 US TV markets and brought in approximately $80 million annually. When ABC’s Primetime Live raised questions about Tilton’s fundraising practices, a ministry investigation was launched, and Success-N-Life was taken off the air. Tilton later returned to television on a new version of the program that aired on BET and The Word Network.

Sources of Robert Tilton Net Worth

Televangelism Craze:

At its peak in the 1980s, Tilton’s Success and Life Ministry reportedly grossed an astonishing $70–80 million per year. News reports analyzed financial statements and fundraising appeals to arrive at these estimates.  The common question people ask how much robert tilton net worth.

Donations are the backbone of this revenue, often solicited through Tilton’s signed “pledge”, a promise of financial blessings in exchange for more donations.

Other Enterprises:

Tilton relies on more than donations. He reportedly also engaged in bookselling, merchandising and even real estate investments, which filled his coffers.

Today’s Financial Situation:

Success and Life continues

While Tilton’s show is no longer returning to its former glory, it still airs on some Christian networks, possibly generating revenue through donations and possibly limited advertising. However, the exact numbers remain unclear.

Website and Social Media

Tilton’s online presence, including its website and social media platforms, can provide another revenue source through merchandise sales, donations or sponsored content. However, the extent and regularity of this interaction is unclear.

Tilton’s finances are a closely guarded secret, making accurate estimates a missing piece of the puzzle. Few financial details have been publicly disclosed, leaving a clear picture of his current wealth. Previous litigation and settlements can have a significant impact on financial assets.

Although the details of these legal proceedings are public, their specific impact on Tilton’s net worth may be unclear. Observing Tilton’s lifestyle can provide clues about his financial health, but these indicators can be subjective and misleading. Luxury goods do not necessarily translate into a specific net worth.

Considering past income streams, ongoing activities, and limitations, Robert Tilton’s net worth can range from a few million to millions of dollars. However, this is still an educated guess based on incomplete information.

Robert Tilton Biography

Born on June 7, 1946, in McKinney, Texas, Robert Eugene Tilton’s life was filled with passionate beliefs, controversies, and financial turmoil. Here’s a closer look at the key clues:

Early life and Education:

His real name, Robert Eugene, alludes to his life before his televangelist role. Little is known about his childhood or parents, with the chapters being mostly blank. He attended Cook County Junior College and Texas Tech University, but details of his studies remain confidential.

A conversion experience in 1969 ignited his passion for ministry. In 1974, he began a family-run revival mission in Texas and Oklahoma, his pulpit and pulpit on the open road.

Marriage and Family:

In 1968, he married his first wife, Martha “Matt” Phillips. Together they raised four children – Amy, John, Mark and Matt. Their marriage lasted until 1993, ultimately ending in a contentious divorce and allegations of financial mismanagement.

Robert Tilton Biography

In 1994, he married Leigh Valentine, a former beauty queen turned publicist. However, the marriage was turbulent and short-lived, lasting only three years. Currently, Maria Tilton, his wife since 2002, stands by his side.

Short Bio

Real NameRobert Eugene
Birth DateJune 7, 1946
Age77 years old
Birth PlaceTexas
ProfessionReligious Leader
Birth SignGemini
Marriage StatusMarriage
Wife NameMartha “Marte” Phillips
Net Worth$500 million

Career of Robert

Robert Tilton: His Controversial Career in Retrospect

Full of fervent faith, financial prosperity and controversies, this is the career of Robert Tilton. Born Robert Eugene Tilton in 1946, he took a road that led him to become one of the most well-known televangelists in the United States before he was accused and faced litigations that brought his empire crashing down.

Early Life and Beginning of Ministry:

Tilton’s early life is still a kind of mystery. In 1969, he experienced religious awakening, after which he embarked on a family-driven revival mission across Texas and Oklahoma. In 1974, he founded Word of Faith Family Church in Dallas, Texas setting the stage for what would eventually become a televangelism machine.

Rise to Stardom as a Televangelist:

A turning point came with the debut of “Success-N-Life” in 1981. Millions of viewers across America accepted Tilton’s charismatic preaching that centered on promises of prosperity and divine blessings. The show was aired by over 200 American TV stations at its peak, generating an estimated $80 million annually; thus making Tilton a household name.

However, the nineties marked a significant change in Tilton‘s fate. Accusations about misappropriation of funds, extravagant lifestyle and shady ways to get money started being leveled against him. There were investigations and lawsuits that followed, critics pointing to Tilton’s opulent homes, private jets, and exorbitant spending as proof of hypocrisy on his part.

Tilton’s Empire Collapses:

By 1992, Tilton’s empire was crumbling. Viewership plummeted. It was at this time he lost a lot of donations and was also sued. He had to file bankruptcy and step down from his church which brought about one of the most spectacular fall from grace by once a renowned preacher.

Reputation Later Days

These days Tilton keeps preaching and maintains a scaled-down ministry but has significantly reduced his public profile. A career that is so loaded is an example of power gone awry – it can drive people deep into the abyss yet it can also lift them from the ashes.

It is difficult to categorize Robert Tilton’s life as he experienced seasons of accomplishment alternating with devastating failure. Even though some people still argue about it, his story can be used as a lens for studying the relationship between religion, economics and fame in America today.

Critics still have divergent views concerning Tilton’s career with some denouncing him whereas others deny the allegations made against him by his accusers. It would be best if you researched various sources to form your own opinion on what they are saying about him.


Robert Tilton, a former pastor and American television personality, rose to fame in the 1980s with his televangelist show “Success-N-Life,” amassing an estimated $80 million annually at its peak. However, controversies surrounding his fundraising practices, opulent lifestyle, and legal issues led to a significant decline in his empire by the early ’90s.

Despite facing investigations and lawsuits, Tilton continued his ministry on a smaller scale. As of 2024, his net worth is approximately $500 million, derived from diverse sources such as donations, book sales, merchandise, and real estate investments. The exact financial details remain elusive, contributing to speculation about his current wealth.

Tilton’s life exemplifies the complexities of the intersection between religion, economics, and fame in America, marked by periods of success and subsequent downfall. Critics hold differing views, making it imperative for individuals to research various sources to form their own opinions on Tilton’s controversial career.

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