Codie Sanchez Net Worth 2023 Complete Biography

Meet Codie Sanchez, a thriving investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and multi-millionaire dedicated to guiding others on the path to financial success through unique thinking and smart investing. In 2024, Codie Sanchez net worth is estimated to be $17.7 million.

Her journey began in media, starting as a journalist before shifting gears to Wall Street and private equity. Climbing the corporate ladder swiftly, she reached executive status, achieving significant financial success. On this page, we’ll delve into Codie Sanchez accumulated net worth, her current financial standing, and the strategies she employed to build her wealth over the years.

Codie Sanchez Net Worth and Source

Meet Codie Sanchez, an incredible investor and businesswoman who has achieved several significant financial successes in her professional life. Codie Sanchez net worth as of 2024 is estimated to be $110 million., which includes her businesses, house, vehicle, and some real properties.

What’s causing her financial balance to rise? It’s her astute approach to financial matters. Sanchez targets ostensibly “boring” small enterprises that generate revenue consistently. Her portfolio generated almost $4 million in revenue in only the previous year. Her ability to identify sectors of the economy with room for expansion allows her to increase the return on her investments.

Although it is difficult to figure out her exact monthly income, a conservative approximation indicates that she could earn approximately $59,000 per month by applying the 4 percent rule if she put her whole net worth into a combination of stocks, REITs, and ETFs. She can continue to pursue new ventures and increase her money because she has this degree of financial independence.

Her financial rise has followed trends that show no signs of stopping. Her impressive net worth and profitable investing methods suggest a bright financial future, even though she isn’t yet listed among Forbes’ billionaires. Given the steady increase in her portfolio, it is reasonable to estimate that in the upcoming years, she might even get close to $30 million.

Biography of Codie Sanchez

Codie comes from immigrant parents. Her dad, Stan Sanchez, never went to college but was a 5’10” hunter and adventurer. He, along with Codie’s Spanish grandfather, moved to Arizona and settled there.

Her mom, who spent 30 years as a special ed teacher, now handles the books for one of Codie’s businesses. Growing up, Codie and her brother shared the same entrepreneurial spirit, and she eventually hired him to run one of her ventures.

Codie’s educational journey kicked off in Phoenix at a local public school. While not a top student, she pushed through. A math teacher once doubted her financial luck, comparing it to Helen Keller’s chances in archery. Codie proved that teacher wrong and became a finance expert, while the teacher ended up at Burger King.

In 2004, Codie started at Arizona State University, graduating with honors in Journalism and Political Science in 2008. She also double-majored in Spanish and Public Relations. Bagging the Kennedy Award for Journalism, she moved on to Georgetown University in 2011, earning her MBA in 2013.

Codie didn’t stop there. She also attended ESADE Business School, sealing the deal with a Corporate Masters in Business. Her journey from a local school in Phoenix to these prestigious institutions reflects her determination and success.

The Age, Height and Weight of Codie Sanchez

On August 24, 1986, Codie A. Sanchez was born in Phoenix, Arizona, to immigrant parents. She will be 38 years old in 2024. She and her spouse commemorate her birthday on August 24 each year.

At five feet nine inches, or 1.75 meters or 175 centimeters, tall, Codie is not too shabby. She is about sixty-two kilos (136 lbs). Her weight fluctuates constantly.

She is in her late thirties, yet she has kept up her health. She acknowledged dropping more than twenty pounds since her retirement in a LinkedIn post.

The Nationality and Religion

In Arizona, USA, Codie was born and brought up in a Christian household. She is therefore a citizen of the United States and a Christian.

NameCodie A. Sanchez
Date of BirthAugust 24, 1986 (38 Years)
Place of BirthPhoenix, Arizona, US
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Investor, and Venture Capitalist
HeightAround 5 ft 9 Inches (1.75 Meters)
FatherStan Sanchez
MotherA School Teacher
Marital StatusMarried
Codie Sanchez Net Worth~$17.7 Million (Est.)

Codie Sanchez and his Husband

Codie Sanchez is happily married to Chris Sanchez, a former Navy Seal. Their love story began in 2017, with a memorable first date spent under the Nashville sky that lasted four nights.

Having been together for a few years, the couple is private about their marriage details, but it’s reported that they tied the knot in 2018. As of now, they haven’t welcomed any children into their lives.

This marks Codie’s second marriage, having been divorced once before. Despite past challenges, she is currently enjoying a content and joyous marriage. The couple even shares a TEAM formula with their followers, offering insights on how to cultivate happiness in married life.

More Businesses and Earnings

Codie Sanchez pulls in an estimated $170,000 each month from her YouTube ventures. Here’s how she does it:

  1. Service-Based Businesses: Codie owns a variety of service-oriented businesses under her holding company.
  2. YouTube Ads Revenue: While not a major source, she earns some income from ads on her YouTube channel.
  3. Brand Sponsorships: Codie collaborates with brands like, known for decent payouts.
  4. Courses and Masterminds: Within the Unconventional Acquisitions community, she sells courses and masterminds, bringing in $8,800 per student annually.
  5. Contrarian Thinking Premium Subscription: Codie enjoys recurring revenue from her premium subscription, charging $1,500 per student per year.
  6. Real Estate Investments: Primarily in multi-family homes, Codie has smart real estate investments.

Her holding company oversees more than 30 businesses, with a strategic focus on “boring” yet reliably cash-flowing enterprises. While she keeps the exact business names under wraps, possibly to dodge competitor reviews, they typically fall into the service-based category. Beyond laundromats, it’s believed she owns an RV park and an electrical business.

Extra Money

After leaving State Street, Codie Sanchez spent five years as the Head of Latin America Investments at First Trust. Throughout this time, she consistently invested her money in the market.

Despite thriving in the competitive world of traditional finance, Codie decided to make a significant change. She transitioned into the realm of private equity investing in the cannabis industry.

After nearly three years of dedicated hustle at one of the pioneering growth equity firms in the cannabis sector, she not only co-founded Unconventional Acquisitions but also launched her media business, Contrarian Thinking.

Despite juggling various roles, Codie remained financially savvy. Saving substantial portions of her earnings wasn’t enough for her – she strategically invested in the stock market and other high-return opportunities.

This smart financial approach paid off, earning her millions over time. Through the magic of compound interest and wise investments, Codie’s wealth skyrocketed.

So, how did Codie amass her wealth? The classic way – by working hard to attain well-paying positions and strategically allocating her earnings into assets that grew and appreciated over time.


Codie worked as an in-depth investigative reporter at The Arizona Republic and completed multiple internships while attending Arizona State University.

She traveled to Juarez, Mexico, after finishing her journalism degree, where she brought attention to a number of societal ills. Both the Howard Buffett Award for Print Journalism and the Robert F. Kennedy Award were given to her.

Codie writes for a number of magazines, such as Fast Company, Forbes, Hispanic Executive, Huffington Post, and Business Wire. She has given multiple speeches in public as a public speaker.

Social Media Followers

Codie’s YouTube channel boasts an impressive 935k subscribers, and her 286 videos have collectively garnered a whopping 122 million views. Her first video, the Origin Story, dropped on December 30, 2016, and has racked up over 18,000 views. The most-watched video on her channel has soared past 4 million views.

Across social media platforms, Codie commands a substantial presence. She’s got over 1.1 million followers on Instagram, a whopping 1.3 million on TikTok with an impressive 10 million likes, 428,000 on X, and a solid 60,000 followers on Facebook, with 16,000 likes. Altogether, her social media following totals an impressive 3.8 million fans.


Codie Sanchez emerges as a remarkable figure in the world of finance and entrepreneurship. With a net worth estimated at $17.7 million in 2024, she has navigated a diverse career, starting in media, progressing through traditional finance, and ultimately thriving in private equity, particularly in the cannabis industry.

Codie’s financial acumen is evident in her strategic investments, spanning service-based businesses, real estate, and an array of ventures within her holding company. Her success is not just about accumulating wealth but also about sharing insights with her followers, evident in her media ventures and the TEAM formula she and her husband offer for cultivating happiness in marriage.

Codie’s journey from a local school in Phoenix to prestigious institutions reflects her determination, and her financial rise is a result of hard work, wise investments, and a keen eye for opportunities. As she continues to influence and inspire through her various platforms, including a significant social media following, Codie Sanchez stands as a testament to the potential for financial success through diligence and strategic financial decisions.


What is the net worth of Codie Sanchez?

Codie Sanchez’s net worth is estimated to be around $17.7 million.

Does Codie Sanchez have a PhD?

No, Codie Sanchez does not have a PhD.

What did Codie Sanchez do?

Codie Sanchez is a thriving investor, entrepreneur, speaker, and multi-millionaire. She has worked in media, traditional finance on Wall Street, and private equity. She is also known for co-founding Unconventional Acquisitions and launching Contrarian Thinking.

How many businesses does Codie Sanchez have?

Codie Sanchez oversees more than 30 businesses within her holding company.

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