Big Boy Cheng Net Worth

Big boy Cheng, a prominent Filipino entrepreneur, DJ, art influencer, and food vlogger, boasts an estimated big boy cheng net worth of $10 million. He hails from the renowned Uratex family, known for being the largest foam producer in the country. Cheng takes pride in curating an exceptionally rare collection of sneakers and streetwear, valued at over $1 million.

His wealth is a result of successful ventures across various industries and is further bolstered by the legacy of his family. This encompasses earnings from diverse business endeavors and the substantial value of his personal assets, including his prized sneaker collection and real estate holdings.

Big Boy Cheng Net Worth

Big Boy Cheng is a highly profitable collector and designer. Since he was young, he has been an enthusiastic collector. He then started his own design and collection company after acquiring a substantial level of expertise. Big Boy Cheng’s love of collecting and his expertise in it have allowed him to successfully create an empire. His perseverance and enthusiasm have allowed him to build and run a very profitable company. Right now, his estimated net worth is $10 million.

Year Net Worth Growth Rate:

$10 million 25% in 2023

$8 million\33.34% in 2022

$ 6 million 33.34% in 2021

2020: N/A at $4.5 million

Childhood & Family

Large Boy Cheng was raised in a tiny village. He grew up in a caring and supportive home with two teachers for parents. Cheng had a lifelong fascination for gathering Designer goods from a young age. He loved to read as well, and it was not uncommon for him to read many volumes late at night. Cheng cherished the time he had with his loved ones. His parents pushed him to learn about other cultures, and

The family traveled overseas frequently to see other nations. Cheng was a young man full of ambition who made an effort to live a disciplined life. His own disciplined practice and his family’s commitment to traveling and experiencing new cultures both contributed to his current success as an entrepreneur.

Age, Height, Weight

At 35 years old, Big Boy Cheng stands tall at 5 feet 9 inches. Renowned for his well-maintained and healthy physique, he consistently dedicates additional effort to ensure he stays in top shape. Tipping the scales at approximately 85 kg, his weight aligns harmoniously with the standards for a man of his stature. Being an energetic individual, he takes pleasure in engaging in a diverse range of physical activities to stay active and vibrant.


Cheng concluded his primary and secondary schooling in his hometown, emerging as a dedicated and ambitious student consistently reaching for academic excellence. Beyond the classroom, he actively engaged in a spectrum of extracurricular pursuits, including sports, music, and art.

In his leisure hours, Cheng immersed himself in co-curricular activities, honing his skills and nurturing his talents. Additionally, he seized opportunities to travel, embracing the chance to explore various countries and immerse himself in diverse cultures.

Cheng and his wife

Big Boy Cheng and his wife epitomize the essence of a contemporary couple. Their relationship is a sturdy and beautiful union founded on mutual respect. Both deeply comprehend and value the significance of having a supportive and affectionate life partner. Blessed with a profound connection, Big Boy Cheng and his wife serve as a genuine example of the remarkable accomplishments that genuine love and support can foster.

Big Boy Cheng Annual Earnings, Monthly Income, and Salary

In the realm of collector design, Big Boy Cheng has established himself as a remarkable figure with over a decade of experience in the field. His persistent hard work and unwavering dedication have proven to be lucrative, allowing him to secure a substantial livelihood. Presently, he commands an estimated annual income of $500,000, translating to a monthly average of $42,000. This impressive figure equates to a remarkable daily earning of around $1,400.

The variability in his salary is contingent upon the projects he undertakes and the exemplary quality of his work. Big Boy Cheng stands as a prime example of a successful individual thriving in the collector design profession, achieving both success and financial prosperity.

Big Boy Cheng Profession

Hypebeast swiftly emerged as a triumph, swiftly ascending to become one of the most sought-after streetwear stores in the Philippines. Concurrently, Cheng embarked on a venture into the digital realm, establishing a blog and a YouTube channel to disseminate his wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for sneakers and streetwear.

In 2015, Cheng took a significant stride by introducing his own sneaker line, christened Bigboy Cheng Footwear. The line garnered notable success, earning placement in stores throughout the Philippines.

Recent times have witnessed Cheng broadening his horizons, delving into the realms of food and vlogging. Initiating his own food blog and YouTube channel, he generously shares his favorite recipes and provides insightful restaurant recommendations.

Additional Details:

  • Real Name: Big Boy Cheng
  • Profession: DJ, Influencer, Vlogger, Businessman
  • Wife: Joey Samson
  • Children: 2 Children
  • Age: 42 Years
  • Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
  • Date of Birth: September 26, 1981
  • Place of Birth: Binondo, Manila
  • Nationality: Chinese-Filipino

Lifestyle of Big Boy Cheng

Cheng’s Lifestyle Immersed in a lavish and vibrant lifestyle, Big Boy Cheng finds himself enveloped by the company of his family, friends, and an assortment of cherished collectibles. His life is complemented by the presence of a beautiful wife who doubles as his business and life partner. Together, they share a robust and respectful relationship, offering unwavering support for each other’s dreams and aspirations.

Their residence serves as a testament to their refined taste, boasting both style and spaciousness. Every corner is adorned with a meticulously curated collection encompassing art, toys, sneakers, and designer pieces. To add an extra touch of opulence, they indulge in a fleet of luxury cars that includes the likes of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and Rolls Royces, elevating their lifestyle to new heights.


Big Boy Cheng, a collector designer, has amassed a substantial fortune through his fervent pursuit of collecting and designing items ranging from high-end fashion to street art and sneakers. His estimated net worth stands at $10 million, and he enjoys an annual income of approximately $500,000. Immersed in a lavish and vibrant lifestyle, Cheng finds himself surrounded by the warmth of family, the companionship of friends, and an eclectic array of cherished collectibles.

People also ask

What does Big Boy Cheng do for a living?

Cheng, known for his roles as a DJ, art influencer, businessman, and food vlogger, has garnered a significant social media following. Recently, he launched his own YouTube channel, “Bigboy Cheng.” Notably, Cheng is widely recognized for his notable collection of shoes.

How much is Allen Cheng worth?

Big boy Cheng, a prominent Filipino entrepreneur, DJ, art influencer, and food vlogger, boasts an estimated net worth of $10 million.

Is Bigboy Cheng owner of Uratex?

He hails from the renowned Uratex family, known for being the largest foam producer in the country. Cheng takes pride in curating an exceptionally rare collection of sneakers and streetwear, valued at over $1 million.

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